Men's Ministry

The TransforMEN ministry is designed for the purpose of supporting men in their spiritual growth and transformation into Christ's image and equipping them through discipleship and service in their homes, workplace, church, community, and the world.

Women's Ministry

A ministry to bring forth the virtuous woman in the 21st Century to minister through prayer, unity and the word.

Youth Ministry

A ministry designed for today's youth with a variety of God centered teaching methods such as through the creative arts, guest speakers and drama.

Marriage Ministry

Children's Ministry

Music Ministry

A ministry designed for the purpose of developing strong kingdom marriages. Emphasizes growth as a unit with Christ and His bride as the biblical perspective to build on. 
A ministry designed to teach and cultivate our 3- 12 year old children in the life of Christ.
The music ministry is a foundational ministry for minstrels, psalmist, musicians and praise and worship team.

To the Nations Ministry

Media Ministry

Helps Ministry

A ministry designed to reach the nations of the world through, seminars, local and international mission trips etc.
The media ministry includes ministry through public access, audio and video tape duplication, and television and radio advertising.
The Ministry of Helps encompasses all of the support ministries at DWCC. All workers will be required to attend training classes and consistently work on helping in the spirit of love and excellence.

Public Relations Ministry

This ministry is responsible for all correspondence of events, flyers, posters, and cards etc.

Business Empowerment Ministry

This ministry is designed to teach and train Christians in the area of business entrepreneurship.

The Wheel (Will) of God Ministry

A financial ministry designed to support the heart of God, poor, widow, Missionaries, orphans etc.